Exchange 2010 SP1 – Shared Mailboxes not working when applying Full Access Permissions to a Global Security Group


Exchange Servers are not being given the appropriate permissions to modify the mailbox AD User object.

Open ADSIedit and open the Default naming context, navigate to the shared mailbox disabled user object and right click and select properties. Click on the Security Tab and choose the Exchange Servers Group, underneath tick Full Control, Click OK to exit.

Now you can add Full Permissions to the Shared Mailbox in EMC and the group users will be able to access the mailbox in Outlook/OWA with no issues.



Current revision book


Black Mesa


If you played the original Half Life, then you MUST play Black Mesa!!

My Mini-review:

If you were there back in ’98, ’99, then you probably had a similar experience to myself:

I played through the original Half Life in the week leading up to release. I played Half Life for the first time back in 1999. I fell in the love with the game and have played it through probably about twice a year ever since.

Playing through the original last week gave me a chance for a ‘last hurrah’ with a game thats been with me for 13 years.

I play through HL fast, run is always on and its always a kind of speedrun now (esp as the engine is so old and framerates so high)
It was also a chance to just watch all the scripted sequences again in preparation for BM.

Friday 14th – A Red Letter Day.
BM website was taking a battering, the official mirrors werent working, not even the torrent link was working.
Had left my PC on at home so I could RDP into from work at 4pm just to get the download starting so when i got home at 6 I;d hopefully be ready to go.

no joy, had to wait until around 6:45pm for a fast german mirror to pop up and max out my fiber 4.3MB/sec, took about 11 minutes ish

Installation – flawless.

Utterly gobsmaked, just honestly grinning from ear to ear not only on my face but kind of inside as well, The sheer detail and ‘aliveness’ of the facility was incredible.
I was half tempted to just do the inbound tram journey again when I got to Sector C test labs just because I wanted to see it all again!

The whole of inbound was beautifully ‘alive’
I loved the Barney reference by the guard who meets you at the tram.

I particularly loved the dialogue sequence between Kleiner and Vance just before you head into the test chamber, it made HL1 and HL2 seem so much more homogeneous.

All of the level design, considering this was a volunteer group of basically part time/spare time amateurs is simply staggering.

You are at once ‘at home’ and yet somewhere new and it is a GOOD feeling that brought back so much nostalgia and yet so much desire to ‘explore’ this new, yet familiar environment.

Blast Pit was simply :O

Because of the advances in tech, the whole story was tighter, more fleshed out and fluid, It was a joy sometimes just chatting to the scientists and watching their dialogue with each other.

I was very impressed with the quality of the voice acting, It could have been really bad, but i was very suprised at how good it was and just how much more dialogue had been added to flesh out the facility and make the bond between HL1 and HL2 more solid. It defiantly makes for a better experience.

Some of the levels being tightened up and more focused was great and didn’t detract from the experience (On a Rail is soooo much better now)

Overall, quite possibly the greatest fan made mod ever (single player)
Brought back waves of nostalgia, along with the joy of discovering the new environment/puzzle changes that made it more than just a remake

Cannot wait now for Xen!!!!!!



 I am filled with a closeness and caring empathy whenever I look at this photo i took back in February. I added the words myself, that try to best describe what I know is being felt by the subject even though it would never be admitted.


Goodbye Christopher Hitchens


I’ll smoke you a kipper for breakfast

You were legendary, logical, rational and always incredible to watch in a debate


Ogmor-by-Sea 13th June 2011


Amazing evening! Can’t wait for the next one!







Recent films


Inception: quite possibly one of the greatest films ever made! A more intellectual man’s Matrix, deeper on more ‘layers’, much more believable setting that draws you deeper into the film, and oh! that closing shot!
The Expendables:
Kick ass action film that delivers everything you hope it will but think it ultimately wont. This film delivers so much more than you hope!
Looking forward to Scott Pilgrim next!


My Finale


My Finale

Thanks for being such fabulous work mates, I’ve never felt more at home. Its been an awesome 7 months i shan’t forget.

All I could think about today was:


Cardiff Parkrun 5km event


Well last Saturday I did my first timed event. A 5km run around Bute park in Cardiff. Came in 147th with a time of 27:05. Pretty average but still was nice to get my first timed event under my belt (I hate running. I’m a cyclist by nature and I just cant seem to get the mental focus required for running, but its free and money isn’t something I have at the moment).
What amazed me the most was that it was just the most well organised event I’ve ever seen on a grass roots level. I mean this thing is done every Saturday in a busy inner city park with sophisticated timing equipment, timing tags, barcode ID’s etc and its all done by volunteers. It was incredible.

If your interested in running one of these events, be sure to stop by the main website PARKRUN WEBSITE

They post full race results and photo’s of every event and monitor personal best times as well as age average % performance monitoring which is outstanding for monitoring your performance and also for comparing against your friends/race buddies.

The Cardiff Parkrun can be found here PARKRUN CARDIFF

Here’s the ‘action’ photo’s of yours truly being mediocre and being overtaken by a guy pushing a pram and various small children! :( I really do hate running……

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