Jodi’s Anything But…

Music – Leon Evans

Lyrics – Tim Williams

Written – 15th March 1995

This song is about stereotypes and how people have preconceived idea’s about certain types of people.



He gets it on a Monday, if the coast is clear,

With the face of an angel, that always seems to hold him near.

Feel his body call to him, “feed me I need more”,

watches beetles eat the waste, from the old edge of his broken door.

Across the way there’s Jodi, who works down on the street.

Trying to warm the goose bumps, but really trying to find her feet.


Anything but… how it is in the movies,

Anything but… what your friends might say,

Anything but… mama’s words you counted on,

Anything but… they still all walked away.


Jodi’s trapped in this nightmare, a collection of marks to her name,

while she grinds up and down this pole, well at least you can say she’s paying her way.

She sometimes sees a movie star, cruising up and down this street,

there’s a smile as she steps inside, and a tip when its time to leave.

Through the clouds in your bedroom girl, there’s a rope of guilt around your neck,

Dying for a dose of innocence, but that ugly side always brings you back.


You’re twice bitten but not so shy, they’re sucking your life away but you wont die,

you never kiss on the lips, ’cause if its not love then it must be a lie.

There’s a call from a parking lot, a beer belly king sees his queen,

if it’s not you who would it be?, another bill might set you free.


One man’s trash,

One man’s treasure,

One man’s laugh,

One man’s anger..

© Leon Evans, 1995, all rights reserved, Copyright Control

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